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Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I seriously love Wednesdays now, because so many of you have told me you like this wedding series! That makes me so happy, and if there is any subject you’d specifically like to see let me know in the comments or on my instagram (@xochelseacatherine or simply click on the bottom of any page)!

One of the questions I’ve been getting is about what my bridesmaids wore, a lot of people have been saying that the struggle is real when it comes to finding the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses, and, let me tell you, I can DEFINITELY sympathize.

I had such a specific image of what I wanted their dresses to look like, and since there were so many of them, I knew it needed to be something simple, understated and elegant.

My wedding was in winter, and I didn’t want them to be cold. Thank goodness I went with something with sleeves because it ended up being so cold – I froze, but at least they didn’t haha.

Another really important thing to me was price point. I really did not want them to have to pay a ton of money for a dress they’ll wear one time (no matter how many times people say ‘you’ll rewear it,’ you won’t, you just won’t.) I say that with love, though, because you want to love it so much that you’re optimistic that they would wear it again haha. But, realistically, I knew that this was something that was going to be one and done, so keeping it under $100 was key for me. IT WAS HARD. I’ve paid upwards of $300 for bridesmaids’ dresses, and it can put people in a difficult spot, so I’d suggest if you are just really set on that super expensive dress, offer to help pay for them. Budget for that expense ahead of time, and if you can’t, if you just don’t have that money allocated, then just pick a less expensive option!

Which leads me to Rent the Runway! I had rented dresses from them for some of my sorority formals and really loved their customer service, variety of dresses and price points. A lot of those events (like prom, semi-formal or formal) are super special nights that you want to look your best for, but not necessarily go out and get something that will break the bank.

So, after months of looking for the “perfect” bridesmaid’s dress, it finally dawned on me to look on there (I have no clue why it took so long for me to think)!

Within an hour I had found one I loved and contacted a bridal consultant!

That’s another really great thing about Rent the Runway – for weddings, they coordinate ALL of your bridesmaids’ orders! For me that was a HUGE deal – that was a big time saver and relief because, as a bride, you’ve already got enough going on, and they recognize that and want to take one of the most stressful things off of your plate.

I honestly can’t recommend Rent the Runway enough. Whether you’ve got a prom, spring formal, homecoming, bridal showers, a party or your own wedding coming up, they’ve got such a variety and knowing that you’re getting something to wear that would otherwise cost maybe thousands of dollars is pretty awesome. It really makes you feel special – and that’s something you want for your event or for your bridesmaids.

If you click the link below, you can get $30 off your first order!

All my love!

xo, chelsea catherine






Rent the Runway ($30 off your first order)



All photos in this post are by EB Photography + Artistry.


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4 Comments on Where I Found My Bridesmaids’ Dresses and Review | Wedding Wednesday (Bridesmaids Edition) by xo, chelsea catherine

  1. Dia Darling
    April 16, 2017 at 9:12 pm (8 months ago)

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen any weddings with black bridesmaid dress, it makes for some amazing photos. The contrast of your gown and theirs. I’m not married yet but I’ve been in and too a good amount of weddings the past few years. I always end up finding my bridesmaid dress either discounts or used (after a lot of searching) I’m in two this fall and the brides actually found the dresses at department stores instead of traditional bridal shows and they are both under $60. Woot Woot! If I ever get married I’ll probably go that route it’s just easier, the dresses are cheaper and can be returned if anything happened (I’ve spent $200 for a bridesmaid dress that I never go to wear.)

  2. Cameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial
    April 13, 2017 at 10:01 pm (8 months ago)

    I had no idea Rent the Runway did bridesmaid’s dresses too! I’m definitely going to remember that when I start looking for dresses for my wedding next year!

  3. Audrey Knizek
    April 13, 2017 at 12:13 am (8 months ago)

    What gorgeous wedding photos, and dresses!


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