$20 Bright Maxi Dress | Friday Favorites

Chelsea Catherine wears an off-the-shoulder bright maxi dress.

Chelsea Catherine wears an off-the-shoulder bright maxi dress. Chelsea Catherine wears an off-the-shoulder bright maxi dress. Chelsea Catherine wears an off-the-shoulder bright maxi dress. Chelsea Catherine wears an off-the-shoulder bright maxi dress. Chelsea Catherine wears an off-the-shoulder bright maxi dress. Chelsea Catherine wears an off-the-shoulder bright maxi dress. Chelsea Catherine wears an off-the-shoulder bright maxi dress. Chelsea Catherine wears an off-the-shoulder bright maxi dress. Chelsea Catherine wears an off-the-shoulder bright maxi dress.

Happy Friday, loves!

I hope you’ve had a great week!

I want to take a minute to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love you showed for Wednesday’s post. 

I was excited to write it and share it with you guys, and I really feel like with that one, my heart was truly out there. I’m so glad you liked it, and I pray that it helps someone.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

On another note, THIS MAXI.

I shared the black version of it on Monday, but I had to show you guys this one, too! I love it.

It gives me major Mrs. Roper vibes (Three’s Company, anyone?), and I AM HERE FOR IT.

I used to be someone who was SO afraid of wearing color, and I don’t really know what got me out of that, but I’m honestly so glad I am because how fun is this yellow?!

I wore it to a wedding this past weekend and I got so many compliments on it and these earrings.

Y’all have definitely seen these earrings before on insta and snapchat. I’m so obsessed with this blue.

I paired the look with these shoes that I’ve been wearing non-stop from Target. They’re comfy and go with pretty much everything.

AND Y’ALL – this whole look cost less than $75.

I’m all about that. Especially if you can spend that and be able to wear each of the pieces over and over again in a bunch of different ways.

I hope you have the best weekend! Do you have any big plans? I’d love to hear about them or if you’ve got any Friday favorites of your own!

Let me know in the comments or on instagram.

All my love!

xo, chelsea catherine





p.s. This is the lippie I’m wearing in these photos!



May Favorites | Friday Favorites by xo, chelsea catherine

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.
Happy Friday!

This week kind of feels like it flew by! Usually when I have a to-do list as long as my arm, that’s the way I feel – like there’s not enough days in the week to finish everything! haha.

It also feels like May flew by! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year!

I started doing the new monthly favorites “series” last month with April Favorites, and they were super popular, so I thought I’d bring it back for May favorites!

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.


I am always trying out new foundations, and this month I’ve got two that I’ve really loved! One is from the drugstore and one is higher-end, so we’ve got both price points covered!

1. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation – I tried this out because I was searching for a good foundation to use on a bride I had at the beginning of June. It’s high coverage, really good consistency, a pretty wide variety of colors and it lasts a long time. I love this for my skin type – it’s definitely not a light foundation, but if you’re looking for something that will give you a flawless finish, this is perfect! I highly recommend!

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

2. L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover – I love every foundation in the Infallible line – pro matte, pro glow, and now this one. I tried this out, and, to be honest, just from looking at the packaging, I was a little bit skeptical. I thought it was going to be super mousse-y and show every pore and fine line I have. But, I was so glad to be wrong! This full-coverage foundation gives a flawless finish while being light on the skin! Definitely try this one out!

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE this sunless tanner. I am working on a full self-tanning routine post, but I’ve used this so much this past month, that I have to mention it in my favorites, too!

Plus, Loving Tan was so nice to offer all of you guys a free tanning mitt with your mousse purchase when you use the code “xochelsea”. 

The tanning mitt really makes a huge difference in the application of self-tanner, so be sure to use that when you check out!

I use the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Ultra Dark. It has a guide color to it, so you know exactly where you’ve applied it, and I always just let it set in over night and wash off the top guide layer in the morning. It gives the best color, and it’s never orange. It has an olive undertone, so it suits a lot of different skin tones – even my pinky/peach undertoned skin.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about this sunless tanner and brand! This isn’t just a May favorite, it’s a holy grail product! 

These matte liquid lipsticks have been my go-tos for the month – I’ve loved the nudey pink makeup look. I’ve pretty much done that every single day this past month.

These three from ColourPop Cosmetics have been on repeat! (& they’re only six dollars a piece!)

1. Bianca 

2. Donut 

3. Clueless

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

Caffeine Matcha Makeup Wipes from First Aid Beauty – these have been SO helpful for when I do my makeup in the mornings. They really do help to wake up your skin and give it a little boost helping it to look better with the makeup on it! I will definitely be buying these again!



I’ve been loving black dresses this month. There’s just something about a black dress in the summer time that just gets me – or maybe it’s that I love black all the time, haha. Either way – these two dresses really stood out to me during the month of May.


Chelsea Catherine wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress from Nordstrom for May favorites.

This dress I did a post on – and I really do love the fit of this dress! The smock detail at the top is super flattering, and at $69, it’s hard to beat. You can easily dress it up or down! It’s a staple piece.

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

This maxi is an absolute steal at $20! I got it in this black color and yellow! Both will be coming to the blog soon!

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

THESE SHOES, THESE SHOES, THESE SHOES. I am so obsessed with these shoes. haha. They’re affordable, they go with everything and they’re so comfy. I can’t say anymore than that. You should run to your Target to get them. Or, just order them online, that’s always a safe bet, too!


I’ve got two Bath and Body Works Candles that I’ve been loving this past month – one is floral and one is more of a fruity-deeper scent, if that makes sense!

Go to your local store, and give them a sniff! They’re so good!

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

1. Fresh Cut Lilacs

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

2. Endless Weekend

I hope you have the best weekend! Let me know what your favorites from the month of May were! I always love trying out new things!


All my love!

xo, chelsea catherine


Bridal Beauty // My Wedding Day Makeup Look | Wedding Wednesday

wedding day makeup

wedding photos
Beauty Tips Every Bride Needs to Know Beauty Tips Every Bride Needs to Know Beauty Tips Every Bride Needs to Know splurge vs. save wedding photos splurge vs. save
wedding day makeup wedding day makeup wedding day makeup
Happy Wedding Wednesday!
Today’s post is one I am super excited about! I love Wedding Wednesdays, and I LOVE talking beauty and makeup products. So, obviously I couldn’t wait to combine those two loves and share my wedding day makeup products and steps to achieve the above long-wear bridal look.

In this post I shared some beauty tips for every bride, which I definitely recommend checking out before this one!

My makeup look was very classic and quintessential bridal, in my opinion. I wanted a look that would be something I could look back on in ten, twenty, or fifty years and be proud of.

I chose to do my makeup myself for many reasons – one, doing makeup on myself or others calms me down, and I knew I would be a little nervous on my wedding day, so that was one thing I knew I could control. Two, I trust myself most with it, haha. I am so serious about my makeup all the time, and I just do it a certain way, so I knew I would want to stick to that look for my day. Finally, I had practiced this look so many times I knew it by heart. It’s a little heavier than my everyday look, but since I knew I wanted this look, I made an effort to try it out a few times beforehand.

However, most brides choose to have their makeup done for them on their day! Which I absolutely understand, especially since I love doing brides’ makeup for their wedding days, too!

For most people, it is calming and pampering to sit and have someone do a look on you that can’t be achieved themselves every other day.

All that being said, this is a bridal look that is on the extra-full-coverage side. It’s more than a “natural” look.

I don’t really do the “no-makeup” look in everyday life, so I absolutely didn’t want it for my wedding day. I think that’s absolutely gorgeous when that’s what a bride chooses, but not this girl. I’m all about the glamour and extra-ness.

Whatever look you do choose, I can’t say enough that it NEEDS TO BE LONG-WEARING. You are going to be running around and sweating (err..glistening lol), and the last thing you want is for your bronzer to go zebra stripes on you.

So, let’s get into that step-by-step, shall we?

1. Go to the eyes first! For my wedding day look I started with my eyes to prevent getting eyeshadow fallout all over my face. Start here with an eyeshadow primer – I used and love this one!

2. Eye shadow & Eyeliner – I went with a brown sort-of smokey look, and  I used this palette! (plus, it comes with the eye primer!) I used the color “creamy matte beige” (very center on bottom row) all over my lid. Then, I went in with “Soft Light Taupe mixed with Ashy Dark Brown” (second and third from the right on the bottom row) in the crease and “Soft Gold with Gold and Silver Pearl” (third from the left on the top row) on the center of the lid. Then I put “Light Tan with Gold and Silver Pearl” (center on the top row) on my brow bone and at the tear duct. I went pretty minimal with upper-lid eyeliner. I chose not to do a big wing to keep it classic. I used this beautiful black liner.

**I wait until the very end for mascara, but if you’re using false lashes, go ahead and apply them here.

3. Prime that face! I used this primer for tactfulness (helps your makeup to stick to your face for a long time), and while it isn’t a typical primer, it’s kind of a YouTuber secret. Plus, it’s for sensitive skin, so it’s going to be gentle on that pretty face of yours.

4. Next, I use this primer for a glow. Yes, you’ll be happy-glowing, but if that’s not enough, this holy grail product will do the trick! 😉

5. Foundation – I swear by this foundation for a full-coverage look. For this day, I mixed a little of this one in there, too. You could totally use the Estée Lauder one by itself, I’m just all about mixing for the perfect finish and coverage.

**I used this beauty sponge for foundation, cream contour and concealer!

6. Brow time! I used this product that I absolutely love to fill in and arch my brows!

7. Suck that face in with some cream contour! I am ALL ABOUT contouring and highlighting, and I do not care if it is extra. It is gorgeous and looks beautiful when done right, especially for photos. I used this one (in a color much darker than my skin tone) for my wedding day – I applied it to the sides of my forehead, right underneath my cheekbones to carve them out, and on my jawline and sides of my neck. Stay tuned for a YouTube video on this! 😉

8. **If you have dark circles, do this extra step! Use this product only on the dark circles. Then go directly to the next step.

9. Highlight all the good stuff! Next I go in on the middle of my forehead (not at the hairline), down the center of my nose, under my eyes, and right between those two contour lines I made between my cheekbone and jawbone. On my wedding day I did a little on my cupids bow and chin, too! I used this to highlight! It’s a product I can’t imagine doing my makeup without and does SUCH a good job covering and lifting my eye bags and dark circles. Buy it in a couple or few shades lighter than your skin tone.

10. Set, baby, set! Set with this miracle product. If you have a darker skin tone, use this one. I’ve used it when I’m WAY more tan than usual. Which, if you know me, you know I can be anywhere from the palest of the pale naturally or pretty dark when I’m self-tanned.

*I will soon be doing a post all about my self-tanning routine!

11. BAKE! Take your brush or damp beauty sponge and press it into your setting powder and stamp it (literal stamping motions) onto the places you put the light highlight color. Leave this on until after step 13.

12. Powder Contour/Bronze – I love this bronzer and/or this bronzer for going in a setting the cream contour and adding that extra dimension. On my wedding day, I used both. One is obviously a little more high-end, but both are really great.

13. Blush those cheeks! I used this beautiful pink blush on my day, and it really helped to make the look!

14. Now go in and blend out where you baked!

15. Set all this with this amazing setting spray! It will keep your makeup on for so long and helps the powder to settle in beautifully to the foundation.

16. Now go over that with some highlight (powder) on top of your cheekbones, down your nose, and on your cupids bow. I used a combination of this one and this one, but if this had been out at the time of my wedding I might have just used it. Doing your highlight after setting the rest of your face with the spray helps it to pop more, in my opinion.

17. Now that you are glowing beautifully to the heavens, finish out the look with a white or nude eyeliner in your water line, smoke out that lower lash line a little with the brown eyeshadow, then apply your upper and lower mascara!

18. Lips! Don’t forget lips! You’ll want a perfectly kissable pout on your day! Use this liner and this lipstick to get my look!

BOOM, beautiful!

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “Girl. That’s a lot of steps.”

It is. It really is, but I promise one you get going it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Plus, you’ll probably have someone else using all these products on you in this order!

I’m just tryna’ help a girl out with that shopping list 😉

All of the items mentioned above are below, as well! You can just click on them and it takes you directly to the webpage where they’re sold!

Woo. Okay! I so hope this is helpful and you try it out and definitely add the products to your list – even if you aren’t a bride, they’re still AMAZING products. If I trust them on my face for my wedding day, you know they’re pretty stellar!

I hope you have a great rest of your day and week!

All my love!

xo, chelsea catherine

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Some photos taken in this post are by EB Photography + Artistry. (I highly recommend her, by the way!)

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