Lessons From Six Months of Marriage

chelsea catherine gives lessons from six months of marriage. chelsea catherine gives lessons from six months of marriage. chelsea catherine gives lessons from six months of marriage. chelsea catherine gives lessons from six months of marriage. chelsea catherine gives lessons from six months of marriage. chelsea catherine gives lessons from six months of marriage. chelsea catherine gives lessons from six months of marriage. chelsea catherine gives lessons from six months of marriage.

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

On Saturday, Cody and I celebrated six months of marriage. We were really intentional this weekend about sharing what we feel has been the best about our marriage and what we think we can work on to become a better wife and a better husband.

We sat down and read the vows we wrote to one another for our wedding, and honestly, that really helped us to realize what we had been great at and what maybe needs a little more prayer and work.

If you thought this post was going to start off by me saying something like “marriage is wonderful and perfect and here’s a list of why…”, I’m sorry, but that’s just not happening today. haha.

Don’t get me wrong, marriage is wonderful and a blessing from God, but it’s not something I could give you a list of why about. I always want to be honest and transparent about everything I tell you guys – whether it’s about a dress, a lipstick or most importantly, a relationship.

I would never want to mislead you to think that my marriage is perfect or that anyone’s could be perfect, really.

We live in a society of assumed perfection.

What I mean is, we look at social media and see the highlight reel of someone’s life and assume perfection. Then we think about our own lives and do not play the highlight reel in our heads – we see the not-so-perfect stuff.

I’m SO guilty of it. I look at some of my favorite instagrammers’ lives and compare, compare, compare. But, I know it has to stop. Especially comparing things as complex as relationships.

Comparison is the thief of joy, and it can really hurt a marriage, especially a new one.

So, I say all that to say, no matter what advice I give, you have to take a look at your relationship – whether you’re dating, engaged, married or single but thinking about what your future marriage will be like and praying for it (which I highly recommend). You can take what I say and apply it to your scenerio with a few changes and differences.

For example, I can’t say, “for a good marriage, you have to have a date night once a week.” That just looks different for every couple. You have to find what works for you, your relationship, your life and your marriage.

I guess that’s the first lesson we’ve learned – don’t assume that because something works for someone else’s marriage that it will work seamlessly for us.

Another couple we know travels ALL the time. I mean they’re at the beach more than we go to the grocery store.

And that’s awesome, great for them. But, I got pretty frustrated when I assumed that just because they did that, we should be, too.

It just doesn’t work like that for us – we’re saving up for a house, we’ve got pets that we don’t like to leave, life gets in the way sometimes, etc.


Another lesson we’ve learned is the thing you’ve probably heard over and over, “marriage is a lot of work.”

Yes. Sort of.

To us, engagement was a lot of work. I mean A LOT of work. We had a difficult season of engagement, and I will be very transparent about that. It was hard, long and God shaped and molded us a ton through that period.

So, compared to that, marriage has been much easier. Just working in a different way – learning how to live with one another, work financially together, make plans including one another and not forgetting to mention it, not buying too many shoes without telling one another (…just me?).

But, remember that you have to take my words and put them in the context of your marriage – so, if you didn’t go through that period of change and shaping in engagement, you might in the first few months or year of your marriage.

So, it isn’t all pretty. It can be hard stuff.

But, it’s so worth it.

Those Saturday morning cuddles when you first wake up, making breakfast together and movie marathons whenever you want. The hugs when you most need them, someone to walk through hard decisions with, the person with whom you can spend all your days.

Last lesson, which I’ve mentioned in so many of my Wedding Wednesday posts before – being married to your best friend is a really important thing.

What I mean by best friend is, your wife or husband should be your first call when you get great news, the first person you want to talk to when you feel sad or upset, the person you want to stay up late talking to.

Marriage is really a lot of fun, yes it takes work, but it’s such a fun and unique experience and relationship. Don’t forget to laugh and have a good time together. Share your days. Try new things. Love each other deeply, but don’t forget to be silly sometimes, too.

I’m so thankful for the past six months of marriage, and I pray for many, many more.

I’d love to hear about you + your relationship! Are you married with years of advice or are you a newlywed, too? Are you single and planning and praying for your future marriage? Let me know in the comments or on instagram.

All my love!

xo, chelsea catherine





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$20 Black Maxi Dress + Weekend Recap

Chelsea Catherine wears a $20 black maxi dress from Boohoo.

Chelsea Catherine wears a $20 black maxi dress from Boohoo. Chelsea Catherine wears a $20 black maxi dress from Boohoo. Chelsea Catherine wears a $20 black maxi dress from Boohoo. Chelsea Catherine wears a $20 black maxi dress from Boohoo. Chelsea Catherine wears a $20 black maxi dress from Boohoo.
Happy Monday!

First things first, I hope you had a great weekend!

We went to a wedding on Saturday, and spent most of the day yesterday by the pool trying to get a little vitamin D. So, it was a pretty good one for us!

Weddings are always tons of fun for us because they’re opportunities for all of our college friends to get back together. Even though we’re only about a year removed from college, it’s still hard for everyone to get together often, so we love weddings because we get an excuse to see friends who might not live close!

Now, on to this maxi! Y’all know how much I love Boohoo. They’ve usually got at least a 50% off sale going on, and their clothes are already very affordable.

I always have my eyes peeled for a good maxi dress, and when I saw this one I got super excited and ordered it in the black and yellow. I actually wore the yellow one to the wedding we went to, and I’ll be sharing that one here soon to show exactly how I styled it!

But, this dress is flattering and comfortable, plus it can be easily dressed up or down! I love a versatile piece that doesn’t break the bank!

It comes in a pretty red, too, and I’m thinking of just going ahead and getting it! When I find something I love, I buy it in every color! haha. 

I hope you have a great day and start to your week!

All my love!

xo, chelsea catherine






May Favorites | Friday Favorites by xo, chelsea catherine

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.
Happy Friday!

This week kind of feels like it flew by! Usually when I have a to-do list as long as my arm, that’s the way I feel – like there’s not enough days in the week to finish everything! haha.

It also feels like May flew by! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year!

I started doing the new monthly favorites “series” last month with April Favorites, and they were super popular, so I thought I’d bring it back for May favorites!

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.


I am always trying out new foundations, and this month I’ve got two that I’ve really loved! One is from the drugstore and one is higher-end, so we’ve got both price points covered!

1. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation – I tried this out because I was searching for a good foundation to use on a bride I had at the beginning of June. It’s high coverage, really good consistency, a pretty wide variety of colors and it lasts a long time. I love this for my skin type – it’s definitely not a light foundation, but if you’re looking for something that will give you a flawless finish, this is perfect! I highly recommend!

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

2. L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover – I love every foundation in the Infallible line – pro matte, pro glow, and now this one. I tried this out, and, to be honest, just from looking at the packaging, I was a little bit skeptical. I thought it was going to be super mousse-y and show every pore and fine line I have. But, I was so glad to be wrong! This full-coverage foundation gives a flawless finish while being light on the skin! Definitely try this one out!

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE this sunless tanner. I am working on a full self-tanning routine post, but I’ve used this so much this past month, that I have to mention it in my favorites, too!

Plus, Loving Tan was so nice to offer all of you guys a free tanning mitt with your mousse purchase when you use the code “xochelsea”. 

The tanning mitt really makes a huge difference in the application of self-tanner, so be sure to use that when you check out!

I use the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Ultra Dark. It has a guide color to it, so you know exactly where you’ve applied it, and I always just let it set in over night and wash off the top guide layer in the morning. It gives the best color, and it’s never orange. It has an olive undertone, so it suits a lot of different skin tones – even my pinky/peach undertoned skin.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about this sunless tanner and brand! This isn’t just a May favorite, it’s a holy grail product! 

These matte liquid lipsticks have been my go-tos for the month – I’ve loved the nudey pink makeup look. I’ve pretty much done that every single day this past month.

These three from ColourPop Cosmetics have been on repeat! (& they’re only six dollars a piece!)

1. Bianca 

2. Donut 

3. Clueless

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

Caffeine Matcha Makeup Wipes from First Aid Beauty – these have been SO helpful for when I do my makeup in the mornings. They really do help to wake up your skin and give it a little boost helping it to look better with the makeup on it! I will definitely be buying these again!



I’ve been loving black dresses this month. There’s just something about a black dress in the summer time that just gets me – or maybe it’s that I love black all the time, haha. Either way – these two dresses really stood out to me during the month of May.


Chelsea Catherine wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress from Nordstrom for May favorites.

This dress I did a post on – and I really do love the fit of this dress! The smock detail at the top is super flattering, and at $69, it’s hard to beat. You can easily dress it up or down! It’s a staple piece.

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

This maxi is an absolute steal at $20! I got it in this black color and yellow! Both will be coming to the blog soon!

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

THESE SHOES, THESE SHOES, THESE SHOES. I am so obsessed with these shoes. haha. They’re affordable, they go with everything and they’re so comfy. I can’t say anymore than that. You should run to your Target to get them. Or, just order them online, that’s always a safe bet, too!


I’ve got two Bath and Body Works Candles that I’ve been loving this past month – one is floral and one is more of a fruity-deeper scent, if that makes sense!

Go to your local store, and give them a sniff! They’re so good!

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

1. Fresh Cut Lilacs

xo, chelsea catherine shares her May Favorites 2017.

2. Endless Weekend

I hope you have the best weekend! Let me know what your favorites from the month of May were! I always love trying out new things!


All my love!

xo, chelsea catherine


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