Guide to Paris in the Winter

Hi, there! I hope you are having a great day! I have been SO excited for this post! Paris is my very favorite place in the world, and I’m asked often to give suggestions for where to stay, where to eat, what my “must-do” things are and, of course, what to pack! So, I’ve been thinking for a while now about exactly what all of those tips would be, and I’ve put them all together in this “Guide to Paris in the Winter!”

I’ve been blessed to have been to France two times in the past couple of years. The first time, I went to study the language for a whole month. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to learn so much about myself. I think that’s why I love Paris so much, because that was the place where I really started to grow into the person I wanted to be. So, when Cody and I began planning our honeymoon it was the first place we thought of! I couldn’t wait to show him all of the places I had visited and fell in love with!

He was a little nervous to visit somewhere where he didn’t speak the language, but since I do, we knew we would be just fine! (My first tip – don’t be afraid to speak a little french when you visit! Even a “bonjour” is appreciated and will take you a long way with Parisians!)

I know Paris is beautiful no matter what time of year you go, but both times I have been were during winter, so I wanted to put together a list specifically for colder months. However, many of these recommendations can be taken year-round!

What to pack for Paris.

What to pack for Paris in the winter.

1. jumpsuit turtleneck 3. coat 4. oversized black sweater 5.faux leather jacket  6. umbrella  7. black jeans 8.white jeans  9.scarf boots 11. black leggings  12.heels  13. large handbag  14.pajamas 15. slippers

where to stay in Paris.

Paris is mapped out into 20 arrondissements, or neighborhoods, and the lower the number the closer you are to the city’s center. I highly recommend staying in the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth for your first visit! In my opinion it’s just a little more of that true Parisian feel – which you definitely want for your first visit! They all have great shopping and restaurants and are close to the monuments you’ll definitely want to see!

I can’t recommend staying in an apartment enough! It allows you to live like a Parisian during your stay, you can cook or bring back take-out, and it just feels special to have a little piece of the city for a while! We used Paris Perfect, and absolutely loved it! I was able to talk with representatives to make sure every detail of our stay was well thought out before we left, and for me, that’s a huge plus! They even arranged a car service for us to and from the airport!  We plan to stay at one of their apartments when we visit again!

Where to eat in Paris.

Cody and I are both pretty picky, but there are SO many amazing places to eat in Paris, we obviously knew we’d be just fine! When I studied there I actually was more adventurous with my food choices, and I even ended up finding several new dishes that I liked!

My first recommendation is to definitely just walk around and kind of stumble upon cafés that look good! You really can’t go wrong with a crêpe – savory or sweet! You should try nutella on everything, but absolutely on crêpes! Also, a croque-monsieur (or croque-madame if you’re a little less picky!) is a must-eat item! It’s a glorified ham sandwich, but trust me, it’s awesome!

Our absolute favorite place in all of Paris was a tiny restaurant in the seventh arrondissement called Pizza la Gourmandise. It’s a very simple restaurant with the BEST pizza and pasta. The servers are all very kind and some speak a little english!

pasta at our favorite restaurant in Paris

hot chocolate at Angelina


A famous restaurant that I would actually recommend (like I said, Cody and I are picky, so we went for simple food over fancy food), is Angelina. They’re famous for their hot chocolate, but their food is delicious, too!

Of course, you can’t visit Paris without eating macarons from La Durée! My favorite are pistachio and rose!

La Durée in Paris