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It’s Wedding Wednesday!

It’s no secret that every bride wants beautiful wedding photos. Last week we talked about how to make yourself look and feel your best on your big day, and in this post I shared what my thoughts were on spending a little more on photos, so now we’re talking photographers. 

This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE on your wedding day. Seriously, the bride, the groom, the photographer.

My first and most important tip for getting stellar wedding day photos is to like your photographer. To like them, you might have to get to know one another.

I highly recommend doing your engagement photos and bridal portraits with the same photographer who is going to do your wedding. That way, you are actually spending time with one another getting to know quirks, favorite poses, how to be candid together, photography style, etc.

To be candid and genuinely smiling around someone, you have to be comfortable. You don’t want to meet your photographer for the first time on your wedding day.

If you absolutely can’t do any photos before the wedding, go to lunch, get a coffee, do something together so that you can chat face-to-face.

And call them. Oh, yes, girl. CALL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER. 

Call them to talk shot ideas. Style ideas. Lighting ideas. Scheduling ideas.

Be in the know about what your photos are going to be like. They’ll thank you for it. Sometimes, the photographer may not see the venue before the wedding. Like in my case, my photographer hadn’t seen the place we were doing the majority of our wedding photos, so I just talked her through the good spots I wanted to think about.

I really think the photographer will appreciate knowing what you want and making you feel the most comfortable he or she can. 

Also, please for the love of all things wedding, make a shot list. If you don’t know what a shot list is, it’s a full checklist of ALL the photos you want on your day.

If you don’t know what you think you’ll want, or are too overwhelmed to think about it, hold on I’ve got you. Coming next week in part two of this wedding photography guide, I’ll give you an entire list you can print out and send to your photographer. All the photos a bride could want, I’ll put them on a pretty little checklist just for you. 

I genuinely want you to have a happy wedding day and happy wedding pictures. I know a lot of brides who didn’t discuss what they wanted with their photographers and didn’t make a list and really felt upset when they got their photos back because those are moments you can’t recreate.

Coming at ya’ next week, I’ve got you. 😉

Lastly, be yourself. Don’t worry about getting every little pose in every single picture. Live this day in the moment. Hug, cry, kiss, snuggle, laugh, BE YOU. 

You don’t want to open your photos and see yourself looking stiff as a statue in every. single. picture.

You want to see these pictures and be taken back to the way that first hug with your groom felt, the way you prayed with your family and friends, the moment you saw yourself in your dress.

I want you to feel like it’s Christmas morning when you open up those pictures for the first time. 

It really does feel like that, I’m not just being dramatic. 😉

I hope you have the best day! As always, please leave any thoughts on what you’d like to see in Wedding Wednesday posts!


All my love!

xo, chelsea catherine

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All photos taken in this post are by EB Photography + Artistry. (I highly recommend her, by the way!)

4 Comments on Wedding Photography Guide Part One: Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Day Photographer & Getting the Best Wedding Day Photos

  1. Saraya
    June 2, 2017 at 5:35 am (7 months ago)

    I need this. I was assigned for my cousin’s wedding as a photographer. Wish me luck.

  2. Kate
    May 11, 2017 at 1:39 pm (7 months ago)

    As a wedding photographer myself, you have some great advice here! I always tell potential clients that a good vibe is soooo important when hiring your photography because you will be hanging out together for so much of the day. It really makes a big difference. I like to send my clients a few full galleries I have shot before because it helps them see what I consider to be “standard” shots (once you have photographed lots of weddings, you end up memorizing the standard checklist) but getting a specific/special checklist from each couple is so critical! Photographers can’t read people’s minds and we REALLY want to get everything our clients want so open lines of communication are so very important. 🙂

  3. Jenny
    May 11, 2017 at 2:00 am (7 months ago)

    This is helpful! You look stunning.

  4. Veronica@inveronicascorner
    May 11, 2017 at 12:01 am (7 months ago)

    Beautiful photos! Wish I knew this before I had this info before I got married:)


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