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One of the most asked questions for brides is “What should I register for?!” I know Cody and I really struggled with exactly what to put on our list or even where we should register.

First of all, I think it’s important to think about who you are as a couple and what you really enjoy doing. For example, if you really love to cook and entertain, maybe go for that really cool pink dutch oven. If not then maybe just think practically about what you do enjoy, or even what your daily routine is.

Okay, so where to register?

For this, we knew we wanted to hit the big ones – Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Macy’s. Those are key because people attending your wedding from all over will be able to go there to shop for you.

Then we thought local – we wanted to register for a few more unique pieces, so I would recommend checking out your local gift shoppes or boutique home stores for things you really like.

Don’t forget to have the places your registered for listed on your bridal shower invitations and on your wedding website. As for listing it on your wedding invitation, I personally would not. It’s totally up to the couple, but I think if you were going to include it in your invitation mailer – don’t list it on the actual invite, you could maybe include a separate card, similar to a details card or even listed on your details card.

One place that I really wish we had registered is Williams Sonoma. They have stores all over and they’ve got such awesome stuff for the home! If you’re looking for a few really nice items to add to your list, I’d suggest checking them out!

What are my top picks for must-have registry items?

When I was narrowing down my top picks for what to register for I thought through my own daily life and what we get the most use out of in our home.

1.\\ Coffee Maker! – I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I do after I put feet to floor in the mornings is shuffle to the coffee maker! haha. So, of course this is the first thing on my list. I feel like by now, everyone has used a Keurig, but I really do love making my morning cup this way.

I also lovelovelove the nespresso machines. I got hooked on these when I studied in Paris and then fell back in love with them while in Paris again for our honeymoon. When we move into our new home (update on this soon!), one thing I’m insisting on having is a coffee bar with this machine. I definitely wish we had registered for one – so, if you love coffee, definitely add this one to your list, too! 

2.\\ Cooking Set – This is definitely the place to start when it comes to cookware. We went for the set because, honestly, I didn’t even know where to start with the individual pieces. We weren’t chefs by any stretch of the imagination, so we really just needed the key pieces to get us started. We added in a few extra frying pans and sauce pans to have as well, and then a griddle iron for the stovetop. But, for the most part, if you’re just looking for a set you could use week after week, this is your go-to!

3.\\ A good vacuum cleaner! – This definitely isn’t the most fun thing on the list! But, it’s something you’re going to absolutely have to have, and you want to make sure you go for a good one. Definitely think about your invite list and who you think might want to get your more pricey register items. Depending on that, you may or may not want to put a $600 Dyson on your list. We registered for this one, and we really like it!

4.\\ The KitchenAid Stand Mixer –  This is a registry staple for a reason! There are a ton of different colors, sizes and options for attachments. Cody actually really loves using this, too! It makes you feel like a professional in the kitchen! haha. It’s the little things! We use it a ton because we make pancakes on the weekends together or when I bake. 

5.\\ Everyday Dining Set – Whether or not you think you’re a couple who would get use out of picking out fancier, special occasion china or even Christmas china, you’ve got to have your everyday dinnerware. For a lot of couples, this is really all they need or even want. We registered for this one, and we obviously use it every day. It’s pretty enough to entertain with, and even though we did register for and get fine china, this is what we use.

Okay, so there you have it. My top five must-have items to register for. 

Don’t get me wrong – there are other things you’ll want to include. But, in my opinion these are the staples. Okay, okay – if I were sneaking in a sixth, I’d say this crockpot. 😉

I hope this gets you started making your list and helps you think of what you and your partner will most want and need for your home together! I get so excited when I think about couples registering, because of what these little items represent.

It’s not just about a coffee maker, it’s about the coffee you’ll drink together on a Saturday morning while snuggling in bed. It’s not about a cookset, it’s about the good and not-so-good (if you’re still learning like me 😉 ) meals you’ll make together with them.

It’s not just about a coffee maker, it’s about the coffee you’ll drink together on a Saturday morning while snuggling in bed. It’s not about a cookset, it’s about the good and not-so-good (if you’re still learning like me 😉 ) meals you’ll make together with them. 

These are the beginning pieces to a life together, and I just think it’s the sweetest thing.

Okay, I’ve gotta’ stop before I get too mushy! haha. But, you know the deal – if you’ve got any questions, please reach out to me in the comments or on instagram!

All my love!

xo, chelsea catherine





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